Logistics News March 19, 2015

Hancock & Moore to be sold – RHF Investments will purchase Hancock & Moore and many of its assets.  However, the Councill plants in Denton, NC, will cease operations. Hancock & Moore will share ownership with Century Furniture. Read more here. (Furniture Today)


DOC postpones ruling on melamine imports – The Department of Commerce is delaying a ruling on whether foreign shipments of laminate surfaces to June 10. Read about it here. (Furniture Today)


Current Fuel Prices – Overall, fuel prices continue to decline, despite an upward bump in the March 9 report. See current numbers here. (Dept. of Energy)


Congress moves to allow hair testing for drugs – Bipartisan sponsors have introduced bills in both the House and Senate to allow trucking companies to test hair for substance abuse in drivers. See the story here. (Transport Topics)


Bill would create excise tax to fund infrastructure – H.R. 1308 is the second attempt by Rep. Alan Lowenthal to create a trust fund for the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The bill would create a 1% excise tax on ground transportation. Read more here. (Transport Topics) Read the text of the bill here. (Congress.gov)


Port of Virginia experiencing major congestion woes – The Virginia Port Authority has been unable to recuperate from issues that started with closures for weather in February. Despite countermeasures, including reopening the Portsmouth Marine Terminal to handle export cargo, trucks are sitting in line for hours to pick up containers. Read the story here. (JOC)