Logistics News Aug. 9, 2015

Trucking companies should look at cabs from the driver’s viewpoint – There are many reasons so many drivers are leaving the profession so quickly. One place trucking companies may be able to give them a reason to stay is in the cab. Read the story here. (Heavy Duty Trucking)


Spending on roads declines as % of GDP worldwide – The US isn’t going it alone when it comes to avoiding investing in roadways. Spending is the same as 20 years ago for most of the developed world. See more here. (Wall Street Journal)


“Second Suez” trial successful. Expansion allows more and larger vessels – A second lane has been added to the Suez Canal, allowing two-way traffic. Expectations are high for increased revenues for Egypt. Read more here. (BBC)


National diesel average below $2.70 – reduced demand and increased production keep oil prices dropping, pushing fuel costs down further. See this week’s regional and nation fuel costs here. (US EIA)


BNSF shortening dwell times at IM terminals – decreased free time and increased storage charges are meant to increase traffic flow through the whole week, which the railroad claims will increase efficiencies for customers. See the story here. (JOC)


Wisconsin retailer Steinhafels plane DC expansion – Steinhafels Furniture has announced a two-phase plan to add 100,000 square feet and 650 employees. Read more here. (Lake Country Reporter)


Port productivity reporting pulled from transportation bill – Ports and labor unions successfully lobbied for removal of a requirement for monthly port productivity reporting. See more here. (JOC)


Dredging at Savannah begins in September – Originally planned for December, the start of the long awaited deepening of Savannah’s harbor is now scheduled to begin in September. Read the story here. (Cargo Business News)