The rise of e-commerce has forced major retailers to adapt to serve customers on multiple channels. Vincent Gagnon from M2GO will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the omnichannel model. He strongly believes that the future of retailing lies in achieving operational efficiency, profitability and amazing customer experience using the power of technology and the undeniable value of the human experience. Join M2GO as they discuss how manufacturers, retailers and carriers can transition to hyper interconnected logistics networks to address today’s efficiency and performance challenges.


Vincent Gagnon - President and Founder of M2GO Furniture

Vincent Gagnon and his team founded M2GO in 2015 in order to introduce Canadian consumers to affordable décor. After graduating in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science at Bishop’s University, he founded a company to address the many challenges his father and grandfather faced with their business in the furniture industry to literally transform how consumers shop for furniture.